Get Rid of Test Anxiety!

Hi. My name is Madison. I have been tutoring most of my life. My mother was a teacher and principal. I grew up helping create lesson plans, and learning first hand how the school system works. My passion for tutoring solidified while I was in college and have since decided to peruse it as a career.
I have been working with students online since prior to the pandemic so I am very well versed in the different online learning software’s. I am comfortable communicating with students’ teachers and advocating for them in any way possible. I have taken and passed 10 AP exams ranking me as an international AP scholar, and am confident in my ability to tutor students in a wide range of subjects K-college! I also specialize in helping students prepare for rigorous exams like the SAT, ACT and AP examinations. Teaching is my passion and I look forward to sharing that passion with my students!